We love working here. We think most people would.  We’re always interested in talking to people that might want to join us.

If you think you’d like to work with us, here are some things that should apply to you:

  • You’re comfortable working in a small team. Each of us has a huge impact and we depend on each other to get things done.
  • You can telework. We don’t have an office. We work out of our homes. It’s great but it requires discipline and an environment without distractions. You should have both.
  • You love a fast environment with a lot of churn.
  • You’re OK with chipping in on things that have nothing to do with your current project, or helping with off-hour production emergencies and deployments.
  • You enjoy working alone or working with others.
  • You take pleasure in creation, chaos, spontaneity, change, debate and silence.
  • You’re comfortable doing things even when you’re not told exactly what to do.
  • You like helping others become better and more successful.
  • You have really good communication skills. That includes speaking clearly with concision in discussions, writing anything from help content to a user message, and typing fast (we use chat a lot).

Our benefits

We have humane working hours, medical, drug and dental benefits, including family and domestic partner benefits, a 401(k) retirement plan, flexible spending accounts and generous time off to recharge or get well.

Who we need

Here are our open positions.  There’s instructions for applying on each one. Thanks for your interest!

Full Stack Software Engineer

Do you pride yourself on understanding projects top to bottom? Do you like to take a challenge and help build a complete solution? Do you hate being micromanaged? Teamwork and communication is important, but we need software engineers who can do more than take orders, and can work independently as well. As a full stack…

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Front End Engineer

Are you someone who loves the challenge of designing and developing on a large single page application? Do you know how to bend CSS to your will? Have you been keeping up with the rapid-pace changes in web development? We’re seeking an experienced Front End Engineer who is passionate about the web, user interface, and…

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