Are you a new grad or just getting into the world of software engineering? Hoping to find a place to learn the ropes? Eager to put your expensive college degree to use? We’re looking for people with a passion for software who can learn quickly, even if their experience is limited.

This position is a great opportunity for a recent computer science graduate. You’ll have most of the responsibilities of a Full Stack Software Engineer, but you’ll be helped as you learn the ins and outs of working on our enterprise application.

You’ll be assigned to a project where you’ll work closely with someone more experienced who’ll help you through the initial learning curve and give you concrete feedback.

You’ll learn and code the application stack from database to user interface, and be using all our development, deploy, integration and testing tools.

You’ll use MySQL, myBatis, Redis, Java, JUnits, and HTML/CSS/JS. Your code will be managed in github, continuously tested with Jenkins, and built and deployed with gradle. Most of us develop on Macs, some use Linux boxes. Our test and production environments are deployed on Linux running in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

About You

You have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and zero to two years of software development experience on a large-scale web application.

You can analyze a user story and create a solution for it. You’re passionate about good object-oriented design, performance optimization and testing. You write well-designed, reliable code that other people or you will find really easy to understand and modify six months from now. You appreciate the importance of good user interfaces.

You’ve coded in Java, you can design databases and write SQL for them. You know the essentials of Linux and its commands. You’ve implemented user interfaces using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. You’ve used an IDE and some kind of source control system.

You have really good communication skills. That includes speaking clearly with concision in discussions, writing anything from help content to a user message, and typing fast (we use chat a lot).


Please send a cover letter along with your resume telling us why you think you’re perfect for the team (resumes without a cover letter will not be considered). Tell us what you’re about.  And be frank. What have you done? What gets you up in the morning? What excites you? What irritates you? If you have a presence on the web (like a blog or project) or if you contribute to an open source project, or even if you do something interesting outside of work, we’d be interested in hearing about that too.

Send your letter and resume to