Are you someone who loves the challenge of designing and developing on a large single page application? Do you know how to bend CSS to your will? Have you been keeping up with the rapid-pace changes in web development? We’re seeking an experienced Front End Engineer who is passionate about the web, user interface, and software craftsmanship.

As a Front End Engineer, you’ll use your expertise to improve, maintain, and create new facets of our user interface, ranging from high level layout to custom widgets to individual screen development. Our UI is a high priority for us and involves a range of users and use cases: from the widest reaching anonymous interactions of getting quotes, to interacting directly with active borrowers, to the advanced back end our expert lending professionals use. We care about every piece because we know the front end matters.  It’s not about making the flashiest design, its about empowering our users to each be able to do things easily that used to be hard.

You’ll be using several technologies, both open source and in house. We’ve been doing single page JavaScript MVC with data-binding and client side templates since before backbone or ember existed, so we know a thing or two about it.  We use LESS for our CSS preprocessing, and have a similar preprocessor for HTML. We don’t believe in hiding the HTML and CSS, we embrace it, but we also believe in using powerful abstractions for leverage. It’s a big app and a small team. We have to work smart.

Some of the specific responsibilities you will have are:

  • Ruthlessly improving the HTML and CSS to be tight, bug free, and keeping with the best practices. If you have seen any presentations by Nicole Sullivan, or heard of SMACSS, you’ll know what this entails.
  • Improving the functionality of existing screens. We have a ton of functionality, and a small team. There is sometimes a bottleneck in the getting every screen to reach its maximum potential.
  • Creating new screens. We have a large code base, and try to maintain consistency, but we also approach each new screen as a new challenge. Your job will be to help design and implement the screen.
  • Creating/updating JavaScript widgets. Sometimes we leverage existing plugins like  a date picker, or a file uploader, but we also write many from scratch to suit our needs. These require sufficient knowledge of all web technologies to execute correctly.
  • Improving our UI testing story.
  • Preparing our app to be more mobile device friendly. We are currently in the process of updating to a responsive design layout, but that’s just the first step to making sure that the most important functionality is available wherever it is needed.
  • Improving our in house JavaScript framework with an eye for eventually open sourcing it.

About you

You have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and at least two years of software development experience on a large-scale web application.

You can analyze a feature story or epic and design a robust and complete solution for it. You write well-designed, reliable code that other people or you will find really easy to understand and modify six months from now. Users love using interfaces you’ve designed.

You are a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS expert. You should have knowledge and experience that goes well beyond sprinkling in jQuery and Bootstrap to implement a UI. You have implemented rich web applications before and dealt with the challenge of maintaining and organizing a large JavaScript code base. You’re familiar with the concepts of the modern MV* JavaScript solutions like Ember, Angular, and Knockout, or at least Backbone, and you’ve at least kicked the tires on one or more of them.

You also have at least passing knowledge of a server side language other than JavaScript (we do use Node for parts of our app, but we also have a lot of Java code you should be comfortable with). Experience with Java is a major plus, but C#, Scala, Ruby, Python,  and PHP are also acceptable as long as you are familiar with the concepts and can pick up Java quickly. The Front End Developer position places a big emphasis on front end expertise, but every member of our team has to at least be comfortable with the full stack even though there is some specialization.

You have really good communication skills. That includes speaking clearly with concision in discussions, writing anything from help content to a user message, and typing fast (we use chat a lot).


Please send a cover letter along with your resume telling us why you think you’re perfect for the team (resumes without a cover letter will not be considered). Tell us what you’re about. And be frank. What have you done? What gets you up in the morning? What excites you? What irritates you? If you have a presence on the web (like a blog or project) or if you contribute to an open source project, or even if you do something interesting outside of work, we’d be interested in hearing about that too.

Send your letter and resume to